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Framus 5/110 Atlantic  (1969).

 It was built in Germany at the end of the 60s. Laminated top, sides, and back of maple and mahogany. It has all the original parts.

 It has 3 switches: The first two are on/off for each pickup (bass and treble)   The third switch has funcion  solo/rythm. They all work perfectly with no glitches or noise. The pickups are single-coil, with independent Alnico magnets, they sound super-clear and powerful.

 When the two pickups are connected together, a somewhat nasal sound sounds, since the pickups are in push-pull (from the factory). It also has independent volume and tone for each pickup.

 It comes equipped with a wooden bridge with paste pins and a Bigsby-style vibrato tailpiece, Framus brand.

 The frets and the fingerboard have been conditioned, so the action and tuning are perfect, and it is played comfortably.

 It is a large size guitar with 17" inches (44 cm wide at the hips). The body is about 10 cm longer than a 335.

 It has a 62 cm scale and access to the last frets is super comfortable, and the perfect tuning. The body is thinline.

 The electronics work well without noise or hum, it has a bat-wing pickguard.

 Although it has some scratches on the varnish, its state of preservation is excellent.

 Fully revised, ready to play and enjoy. It is strung with 0.11/52  steel.

Framus 5/110 "Atlantic" (1969)

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