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Framus 5/012 Sorento 12 (1966).
 Tapa  and laminated curly maple back. Maple multiply neck, rosewood fingerboard. It has a large body, thinline, long scale, 64.5 cms.

Adjustable trusrod and original nickel frets, reconditioned bright and without marks.

The bridge is not original, it is made of rosewood with a bone saddle.

All other parts are original. It has volume and tone control for each pickup, and also a general organ effect volume (with a spring it brings the volume to 10 when you release the lever).

 It tunes and octaves well on all frets and is very comfortable to play, less than 1.5 mm on the 12th fret for the 1st string. It has two original single coil magnetic pickups.

 The varnish is quite good, in a black rose finish, although it has some small nicks and scratches in the varnish, but no cracks or repairs.

 The sound is very good, it has been reviewed and adjusted as necessary, and it is in very good condition, comfortable to play, with new 0.10 strings.


Specifications: brown shaded or black rose finish body arched & laminated, single rounded cutaway Rosewood fingerboard single-ply binding 2 PUs, oval, chrome orgab-effect built since 1963


Framus 5/012 "Sorento" Thinline 12 (1966)

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