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Framus 5/51 "studio" (JMS-03002) 1970

  This JMS model corresponds to the Framus studio 5/51 model.

 It has the whole body built with maple and mahogany laminate. Rosewood fretboard.

 It is small in size, like a parlor, the neck joins the body at the 16th fret. Long scale of 64.5 cms.

 It was built exclusively for the United States Army in the 70's.  It never had a pickguard, no holes can be seen. The bridge is parlor style and sits higher than other models, and is not height adjustable.

 The guitar has an adjustable trusrod and original headstock, it also maintains its original frets, which have been reconditioned and are in very good condition, shiny and polished, without marks.

 The guitar has been completely revised and adjusted as necessary so that it can be played comfortably. It works great, sounds great, and holds pitch on all frets.

 Strung with 0.11 jazz-type strings



"In 1946 Fred Wilfer founded FRAMUS... the name is an acronym for FRA nconian MUS ical instruments and was designed to draw attention to the fact that the celebrated violin makers of Schönbach had made Franconia their new home.


In the early 1970s, he created the JMS brand with manufacturing in East Germany, recreating the same Framus models. These instruments were of high quality and were intended primarily for export..."

Framus 5/51 "studio" (JMS-03002) 1970

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