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Framus 07121 Atlantic 6  (1971)

 It was built in Germany in 1971. Laminated maple and mahogany top, sides, and back. It has all the original parts.

 It has two p-90 single coil pickups. 1 volume control, 1 contour control, (slightly modifies the signal), and a third tone control.

 It comes equipped with a fixed bridge with the possibility of spacing the strings, and they can also be individually octaved, and a Framus brand vibrato tailpiece.

 The frets and fingerboard have been conditioned, so the action and tuning are perfect, and it plays comfortably.

 It is a type 335 guitar. The body is thinline, it is hollow  except under the bridge and tailpiece._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5c_ It has a solof "f" and it is a decal, there is no hole, the guitar is completely closed.  The electronics work well without noise or hum.

It has some numbers engraved on the blade from behind, but they are poorly marked and are almost indistinguishable.

 Although it has some scratches on the varnish, its state of preservation is excellent.

 Fully revised, ready to play and enjoy. It is strung with 0.10  steel.

Framus 07121 Atlantic 6 (1971)

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