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Eko Ranger VI E (1975)

It has a Dreadnought size, a little larger than usual, with a long scale of 65 cm. Pine-spruce top and the rest, both sides and back, are made of curly mahogany.

It is X-braced and has a very nice sound that is maintained with great sustain.

These guitars were highly appreciated for their high manufacturing quality, very good materials, good performance and great sound.

It is the electric model, which is configured at the factory with a good single coil pickup with a great sound, completely shielded, and which picks up the brass strings very well without noise or hum. Volume and tone control.

It is common in these models that the varnish used cracks in some cases and some longitudinal cracks appear that only affect the varnish.

It has a repair on the shovel, which was done professionally and with a full guarantee! That is why it is offered at this price.

The sound can be the same or better than that of a pristine instrument and can be fully enjoyed at a lower price

It has been thoroughly revised and restored where necessary. The frets and fingerboard are as they were when it came out of the factory or better.

It tunes, octave and plays perfectly

One of the best Dreadnought acoustic guitars built in Europe, I can only say good things about it!

To highlight the neck, excellent in every way, which allows a perfect adjustment, the separation of the strings is ideal for those who do not like tightness.

Very comfortable to touch!

We accept returns if you are not satisfied.

Eko Ranger VI E (1975)

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