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Eko J 54 "Western series" (1964)

  It has Dreadnought size, a little bigger than usual,  with a long scale of 65 cms. Pine-fir top and the rest in 3D mahogany. It is X-braced and has a very nice sound that is sustained with great sustain. The bottom is somewhat arched.

  It is the predecessor of the Ranger model although it has a more stylized bridge and differs in a few details.

  These guitars were highly appreciated for their great quality of manufacture, very good materials, their good performance and their great sound. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin played them in concert in the early 1970s.

  They were top of the range of the brand, and officially more than 100,000 were sold. Unfortunately the type of varnish they brought cracked and longitudinal cracks appeared in the varnish.

  This guitar does not have this problem, the varnish is perfect, with some small almost invisible scratches.

  It started with a glued-in neck in late 1964 under the J-52 name, soon replaced by the bolt-on neck J-54 and supplemented by the J-56 twelve-string version.

  It has been thoroughly revised and restored in what little was necessary. The frets and fingerboard are as they were when it left the factory or better. Tune, octave and play perfectly

  One of the best Dreadnought acoustic guitars built in Europe, I can only say good things about it!

  The most successful European guitar in history. At least 100,000 were made, including six- and twelve-string configurations, but the true figure could be closer to 200,000. Under various names and versions, it was a mainstay of the Eko range for over twenty years.

  To highlight the mast, excellent in every way, it has an adjustable bar that reaches the last cm, and that allows a perfect fit, the separation of the strings is ideal for those who do not like tightness. Very comfortable to touch!







Eko J 54 "Western series" (1965)

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