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 Contrasguitarra 12 strings "La Corona" Catania (1800)

 Contra guitar built in the Italian style, probably in Catania, Sicily, in the early 1800s.

 Spruce top, flamed maple back and sides. It has a stained maple wood fretboard with very fine original copper frets, like mandolins.

 The nuts are ebony and it has a 62 cm scale for the guitar. And 66 cm scale for the lowest strings.

 It has a bar to hold the second headstock made of a metal similar to silver. All tuning parts are original, complete and in good working order.

 It is a very high quality instrument, as it says on the label: Exquisite materials and very careful construction. In addition to the inner label, a crown and the inscription "CORONA" are engraved on the lid.

 The guitar is firm and stable, with a perfectly straight fretboard,   and unmarked, bright and polished frets. It does not have any cracks or major repairs, it has only been cleaned and adjusted for a comfortable execution.

 It also maintains the original varnish, which is in good condition, although it has many marks of use, normal for an instrument of its age.

 It is strung with new special strings for "pyramid" lutes. The lower strings were made to measure by the beauty adjusting to the historical characteristics of the instrument.

 It is an original vintage instrument of first quality, in very good condition, and ready to play and enjoy,

 It is played very comfortably (+less than 2.5mm) at the 12th fret. And as it says on the label: It has a bright and robust sound, with deep and clear bass.


Contraguitar 12 strings "La Corona" Catania (1800)

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