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German Archtop (Carved top & back) 1950´s

 It is made entirely of solid carved wood (Cello carved style) with a pine top and all curly maple back and sides. With adjustable soul (trusrod).

 The neck is a baseball bat type with very little radius. The fingerboard was replaced by a more modern and comfortable rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl inlays.

 Rosewood fingerboard, nickel plated frets, 64 cm scale. Non-marking, round, bright frets.

 It seems to have been built in Germany in the old style of violin craftsmen, with a luxury carved cello style.

 It has a crack in the lid that has been repaired and remains stable without cracks. The back bottom is whole without any repair. On the back, and bottom the side has been separated from the case, but it is glued firmly.

 Although it has multiple bumps and scratches, it retains its integrity and continues to be a first-class guitar, it is perfectly functional with great sound and comfortable to play

 It has 0.11/52 jazz type steel strings.

The frets have been polished, the fingerboard has been cleaned and conditioned, for a comfortable and pleasant playing. The guitar is ready to play and enjoy


German Archtop (Carved top & back) 1950´s

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